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SmartGeoMetrics is Now an Authorized Re-seller for kubit USA!

August 28, 2013

SmartGeoMetrics is Now an Authorized Re-seller for kubit USA!

SmartGeoMetrics can now offer kubit’s innovative solutions for working with point clouds in the AutoCAD environment. Through kubit PointCloud, PointCloud Pro, and PointSense Plant users can utilize the power of point cloud data in the familiar CAD environment using common CAD commands.

  • Easy to learn and operate with any CAD experience
  • Rapid survey and evaluation of data from different sensors within one CAD environment
  • Hardware independent
  • Multiple modeling tools to speed post-processing

kubit PointCloud FreeEdition

AutoCAD now contains a native point cloud engine which is powerful enough to handle up to 2 billion points of scan data. The use of this engine requires the point cloud to be converted to a PCG formatted file.  Currently, AutoCAD only supports a few data formats for import and conversion to PCG.

kubit provides users with many more import options with their new PointCloud FreeEdition. Users can now take advantage of the powerful AutoCAD PCG engine and import the data from their laser scanner directly into AutoCAD. PointCloud FreeEdition supports the importation of PTZ, ASCII, PTS, Reigl RiScan Pro Project, Trimble Realworks Survey Orthoimage and Reconstructor Orthoimage formats for conversion to the PCG format.

kubit PointCloud

kubit PointCloud is the premier software for working with laser scan data within the AutoCAD environment.  In addition to managing millions of points, PointCloud offers a variety of functions, which facilitate and speed up the processing and evaluation of pointclouds in AutoCAD. Kubit has developed PointCloud for basic cloud manipulation and evaluation.  Multiple point clouds can be edited and worked with simultaneously giving users a virtually unlimited amount of information within one DWG.  Sections/slices along AutoCAD curves and AutoCAD UCS’s are created effortlessly.  These slices and contours are easily managed through kubit’s section manager and points can be snapped using AutoCAD “osnaps”.  In addition, PointCloud supports all viewing modes and visual styles present in AutoCAD.

kubit PointCloud Pro

PointCloud Pro supplies a number of advanced modeling features that make the point cloud modeling process much less demanding.  In addition to clash detection, automatic line fitting, cylinder (pipe) fitting and plane fitting tools all aid in the modeling process. Defined planes can be easily intersected resulting in accurate object edges and corners.

Functionality to overlay or orientate photos (provided by the scanner) into the processing speeds up user workflow and increases the precision of the evaluation. Lines drawn on these high resolution images are accurately relayed into the point cloud.  The ability to work on a high resolution image versus a lower quality cloud means that corners, edges and lines are determined much more easily and accurately.