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Indoor Mobile Mapping with the Viametris iMMS

August 28, 2013

The iMMS is the perfect system for quickly collecting dimensional and photographic information in interior and close quarter environments. This revolutionary system combines three LiDAR sensors (3 cm accuracy) with a 360° panoramic camera to provide photo-realistic point cloud data in a mobile platform. The result is a system that digitizes an environment as quickly as you can walk through it!

Indoor Mobile Mapping with the Viametris iMMS

The iMMS maintains its position using “SLAM” (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology with it’s forward facing LiDAR sensor. However, the most optimal results are achieved by post processing the data to use geometric similarities in the environment as additional constraints. This is accomplished using Viametris’ PPiMMS Software Suite. PPiMMS is a powerful post-processing software that automatically corrects any drift in from the SLAM processing in order to compute more precise point cloud results. From an initial acquisition, imported from a Viametris iMMS device, the user builds their own project to correct the potential drifts, add some specific constraints, compute the 3D points clouds and finally export these 3D datasets. Installed on the office work station, PPiMMS can also be used as a stand-alone viewer. PPiMMS can also be used to provide users with a “Streetview” type interface that allows them to navigate the panoramic images from the collected data in a familiar interface.

Mobile mapping has clear advantages over traditional static systems due to the decreased field collection times. High costs due to the necessities of accurate localization has traditionally been the stumbling block of mobile mapping. However, Viametris has overcome this issue with their specific LiDAR-based SLAM technologies. By using SLAM for real-time mapping of the environment and geometric similarities in the environment to further enhance the accuracy during post processing, the iMMS is able to operate without GNSS/GPS receivers or an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). These facts are reflected in the iMMS’ ability to excel at mapping indoors and in its low retail price compared to traditional mobile mapping systems.

SmartGeoMetrics is the exclusive US distributor of the iMMS providing sales, service, support, and rentals of the iMMS for clients that are not yet ready to purchase.

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View a Video of the iMMS in action collecting data at ILMF 2013.

Viametris iMMS